Sunday, June 20, 2010

Carpenters and Fathers

Sunday, June 20, 2010 - It's the third Sunday in June and that means by default, it is Father's Day.  But for those who no longer have their father, never had a father, lost touch with their father, or have deleted their father's contact info... today is the third Sunday in June. But all is not lost for those folks, for today is the start of Carpenter Ant Awareness Week.   I'm sure somewhere in there is a logical segue but I'm not quite there yet.  Give me a few paragraphs.

Relationships with your father a relationship that molds you. I read on a friends Facebook posting today that his relationship with his father continues to make him a better father. And in turn, he will no doubt play that role for his son. For girls, the relationships with their father can help mold their choices in the men in their lives. So what about the girls who don't have a father in thier life? What type of men do they choose?  Do they continue to emulate exactly what they know and not choose one at all? Is there a void that they continue to fill with that same void?

A friend has told me on many occassions that not only did she adore her dad, but she married a man who is just like her dad. The question that I must then ask is... is what makes a great father make a great partner? I'm thinking that there are qualities there that may make a man like your father a not so great partner.  As a girl, you look up to your dad for guidance, acceptance, a round of golf, and a chance to hold the hammer and work the sander. ( I told you I'd find a connection at some point.)  As a husband, you may want some of those things, but hold your own hammer, and the sander is all yours babe. A round of golf is not a bad idea, but having golfed with many married couples, let me tell you as the single outsider... it is NOT really that great an idea  Golf with your mates mate.

Now I have other friends who's fathers were excellent role models and have grown to be men of good character.  Sadly, several of them are good with keyboards, good with a pen... but tools of any other kind are just not on their list of strengths.  These are the men you have in your lives that will 'call a guy' when things need fixing. Not a carpenter among them. I have an aunt who is pretty handy, but I don't suspect that is what is meant by Carpenter Ant.

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