Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Hike hike hi... OUCH

Tuesday, 21 September 2010 - Sport provides so much that each and every one of us should play something. Whether its badminton (hey... I work in Litchmon, ah, er, Richmond), polo, mountaineering, hockey (hey... I live in Canada), alligator wresting, UFC, or golf, sports teach us about ourselves, and about the sharp end of the alligator. Sports also teach us how to play nicely with others, how to hit without getting benched, how to score, how to strike out, how to yell at the ump, how to take a hit, how to fake an injury, how to use your eraser, how to count (1, 2, 2, 3, 4 - par), and how to blame the equipment. These are life lessons that just can't be learned without a little sport in our lives.

Imagine a Sunday afternoon without the gridiron or a winter evening without a battle of the blades? What would you do with the men in your lives so you can get a bit of time to yourself? And how about one of those gorgeous sunny spring afternoons that have your golf clubs creeping toward the door all on their own? There are times when sport isn't a luxury, it is a necessity, a way to blow off a little steam, soak in a vat of beer, and let the rest of the challenges of life be buoyed by the play in front of you. Getting out on the field yourself, wether a pitch, a diamond, a course, or a rink can be good for the soul. Time with friends, a little exertion and some trash talk reinvigorates you, and gives that tongue of yours that you bite during the rest of your day gets a little sharper. Have fun with your words. Use them in combinations and permutations that you don't often get a chance to use in the other parts of your life - well for most of us anyway. "Mmmmm, quarterbacks DO taste like chicken."

For those Sunday warriors who are getting a little older, wider, or wiser, there are modified versions of all these sports. Some might say they are the woman'ized versions... Baseball getting a little rought and the welts don't heal as fast - try Softball. There are beer leagues everywhere.  You now look like a defensive lineman but you just can't get up off your knees after the snap... Touchball and Flag Football. No hitting, and no padding needed.  That ought to lighten you up enough to get up. Just can't get that club around the middle the way you used to? Have your arms got shorter or is the equipment failing you? No problem. There is alway Miniature Golf, but since there are only 17 holes you can really make it on, you might want to play for $1.06 a hole. Hell, today, go all out and play for $2.12 a hole. It is Miniature Golf Day. The best part of mini golf is that if you do sink a hole in one on the 18th hole, you don't have to buy a round for the whole clubhouse, but you do get a free round for next Sunday. If soccer is your sport, sorry old timers, but there isn't an easier version of this game. You'll just have to play one weekend, and recover from your injuries for the next three. Lucky for you, there's a full schedule of sports in HD just waiting for you and your ice packs.

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